We are a family of God that shares in fellowship by praying, loving, and serving.  We desire to place the Word of God in the hearts of the world.

We are a congregation of mixed ages and spiritual maturity.  Whether you are seeking Jesus Christ for the first time, or mature in your walk with Christ, there is a place for you at Blissville, welcome home.

faith & purpose

This congregation:

1.Is founded upon the faith that there is but one God, who in holy love creates, sustains and orders all.

2.Confesses Jesus Christ as the Lord of the church, of all life as well as man’s Savior for personal salvation.

3.Believes that the Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts and minds of believers, creating and sustaining the church through the gospel, giving guidance and comfort, and uniting believers with their Lord and with one another in love. We further believe that the Holy Spirit imparts gifts to all believers for building up the body of Christ.

4.Believes that the Old and New Testaments record God’s search for man which is climaxed in God’s redemptive act in and through Jesus Christ. Through His Holy Word, God still speaks and continues to accomplish His redemptive purpose. We believe in the New Testament as our creed and rule for living.

5.Believes that the gospel is the good news that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself. Through the gospel, God’s sovereign will and Christ’s redeeming grace are revealed.

6.Believes the church is the Body of Christ and is under the Lord’s mandate to be faithful in accepting and transmitting the gospel by word and deed. The transmission of the gospel includes witnessing Christ to individuals, communities, societies, cultures, nations, and governments.

7.Considers that all members of the congregation, of the body of believers, are responsible for the total ministry of the church. This gathered people of God are called to prayer, ministry, and worship.

8.Accepts the ministry of the church to be the proclamation and fulfillment of the gospel for all people both near and far, and the nurture of individual believers in the Christian faith and life.

9.Declares that the kingdom of God of the future, breaks into the present to make the church unified under one Lord and victorious in its mission!

10.To win persons to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

11.To teach and preach the Bible and Christian truths as revealed in the inspired Word of God.

12.To provide enriching experiences in worship.

13.To provide effective pastoral care and counseling for individuals.

14.To inspire and help individuals toward the likeness of Jesus Christ.

15.To educate the church congregation in the history, ideals, and sacraments of the church.

16.To provide an effective educational program in family living, missions, stewardship, peace, temperance, leadership and recreation.

17.To develop Christian fellowship within the local church and with other Christian congregations.

18.To enlist members of the congregation into Christian service projects.

19.To bring the principles of Christ to bear in all human and social sharing.

20.To develop a fellowship of spiritual, emotional, physical and material sharing.

21.To cooperate wholeheartedly with the District and National organizations of the Church of the Brethren in the interest of a wider fellowship and a more effective witness and teaching program.

22.I Corinthians 14:40, “Let all things be done decently and in order!”


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