summer camp at Camp Mack

The deadline to sign up for Camp Mack is March 19th, 2017!   There will be a $30 late fee for any registrations forms turned in late.   

Never been to summer camp, but always wanted to go?  Try Camp Mack this summer!   Blissville has sent kids to Camp Mack for years and the kids are never disappointed!   All the kids come back talking about how much fun they had, the new friends they met, and how they grew closer to God during their week at camp!    

Click on the picture to the left and it will take you to the Camp Mack

Blissville wants to bless the "Blissville Youth" and their families by providing payment for their yearly camp fees for up to 3 years. We have determined, "Blissville Youth" to be those youth that are between 10-16 years old and that have been faithful in attendance for the past 6 months.

Fee Schedule

1st year - Blissville Church will pay 3/4 of the fee, the parents will pay 1/4.

2nd year - Blissville Church will pay 1/2 of the fee, the parents pay 1/2.

3rd Year- Blissville Church will pay 1/4 of the fee, the parents will pay 3/4.

After this, the parents are responsible for 100% of the fees.

* Parents will be responsible for....

-any lates fees,  if the Camp Enrollment Forms are not turned in by the due date;

-for transportation to and from camp.  (If this is a problem, we may be able to help).

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